Time and time again, we are told about the benefits of walking. Yet, time and time again, we fail to put it into practice. There could be plenty of reasons for this. Maybe it is just not the perfect weather for the exercise. Perhaps we do not know where to go. Or perhaps we are just ultimately lazy.

Like all exercises, however, the effects of walking will only appear if it is done regularly and constantly. Skipping for more than a day will make it difficult for the results to come out at an earlier time. That is why, if we are to appreciate our nature walk in a way that is similar to the children’s book by Walter Hoge, we must make a routine out of it. 

Definition of Routines

 So routines are activities or groups of activities that are organized as part of a regular procedure for a special reason. Routines are there for a reason. It trains your body to follow a time for whenever a specific activity (in this case, walking) is to be done. Routines also help build familiarity and regularity towards a particular activity. This is especially important for exercises as they can help us keep following our exercise and ensure its effectiveness.

Building the Routine for the Nature Walk

 Before beginning anything, it is vital to identify a comfortable area to do your nature walk. It could be in the park in the middle of the city or the forest path behind your house that you are yet to explore. 

Now to begin our walking routine, it is important that we start small. Our body, mainly if it is not used to much exercise, can quickly become tired if we do a long walk then and there. A good idea would be to do short walks day by day while increasing our distance each day. 

It is also essential to stretch and warm up before starting the walk. When starting, do it at a pace that feels relaxed and comfortable. From there, slowly transition into a brisk walk. Do the opposite towards the end of your trek, giving yourself time to slow down and cool off.

Other Tips to Follow on your Nature Walk

 Follow up your routine with more stuff to enjoy whenever you do the exercise.

Set yourself up for Success

 For exercise, it is a good idea to have a positive experience. One way would be to put up simple goals that you are sure you can get to. Maybe this goal is as simple as walking for 5-minutes during a break at work. Then when this becomes second nature, make the goal a little bit harder but more doable. Sooner or later, you’ll be smashing goals that seemed impossible when you started. 

Enjoy your Walks

 There is nothing that kills an exercise, and by extension, a routine, than slogging through it. To prolong your activity, it is crucial to be invested in it. It is essential to enjoy it. You can do this through a myriad of different things. One way will be to get a companion if you do not like walking alone. Having a walking buddy can do a lot in energizing you in your exercise. Listening to music and podcasts can also bring a lot of entertainment to you.

Be Comfortable

 It would be best if you always were comfortable when doing your exercise. Otherwise, it would lessen the regularity of your walks. IF you are not comfortable, you have a higher chance of acquiring an injury. As such, before even doing your walks, you have to make sure that you have the proper walking shoes and the proper walking attire. Specific walking shoes that give comfort to your foot are the recommended footwear. As for the attire, layers can be very useful, especially for unpredictable weather conditions. Water-repellent fabric can also help keep you cool and dry if you work up a sweat.

Keep safe

 Like every exercise, safety must be your priority. What use is your exercise after all if, in the end, you’ll end up injured or maybe even worse. When you are doing your walk in the evening, remember to let your housemates know where you are going and at what time to expect you to go home. We don’t want another 128 Hours situation in our hands.

Don’t Worry About Missed Days.

 Despite the insistence on doing your walks regularly, it does not mean that it is not okay to miss days. Even skipping a day or two from your routine can benefit your body. 

Also, do not take any skipped days seriously. Instead, start a new one and don’t give up. Just because you miss some days sometimes does not mean you have to give up on your consistency.

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