Learning to love the inner self is what every person should strive to do in this life. Inner self refers to a person’s internal identity that’s linked to the person’s beliefs, ideals, values, motivations, and goals. Oftentimes, it is also referred to as the true self. Loving one’s inner self might sound a tad bit similar to self-love, but with a more profound and positive bearing. For a person to love their own inner self gives them the capacity to do and accomplish greater things in life. It gives them a sense of purpose in life. The fable story by Walter Hoge, Easter: McEaster Valley, shares the story of the author’s character by chance coming upon this fantasy-filled place of serenity, tranquility, and wonderful elegance that the author finds difficult to abandon. The place symbolizes man’s deepest desire in life, and that is to live a life that’s serene, peaceful, and at the same time fantastic. By reaching out to one’s inner self, achieving such a state is very much doable. 

Ways to Love the Inner Self   

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” These words immortalize the significance of love, but in this instance, the love for one’s inner self. A lot of people often confuse loving one’s inner self with self-gratification. Although there is a slight connection between how to love one’s inner self and self-gratification, still, there’s an actual difference between the two. Self-gratification deals more with a person’s physical pleasure. Loving one’s inner self refers to the process of cultivating and nourishing a person’s ideas, values, beliefs, motivations, and goals. It’s an internal process of a person learning to become comfortable with themselves. 

One of the ways to love the inner self is for a person to start doing the things that make them happy. People should always find the time to check themselves if they’re still happy with what they’re doing in life. Happiness is subjective, varying from person to person. Happiness usually involves something that a person is passionate about. Practicing a particular passion empowers a person’s values and beliefs. Creating a routine every day to do things that they’re passionate about and that make them happy is a workout towards accomplishing the love for the inner self. 

Practicing self-care is also another to reach out and love the inner self. Self-care might sound a bit selfish, but in reality, it’s all about caring for one’s overall well-being. Self-care encompasses a person’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual being. Doing self-care activities reaffirms a person’s self-esteem. That emotional thought process stresses that the person is somebody who needs and deserves to be loved for who and what they are. Some of the activities of doing self-care involve exercising to boost the physical and mental fitness of the person, watching movies, reading a favorite book, hanging out and laughing with friends, going on trips or vacations, and so on. 

Another way to love the inner self is by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness practice helps a person control and regulate their emotions, thereby minimizing stress and anxiety. It brings the person to focus on what they feel, helping them make better choices or judgments before responding or reacting to any stimulus in their environment. For instance, a wife arrived home after a grueling, stressful day at work. By practicing mindfulness, the wife is aware that she is in an irritable mood, and she knows that she will be encountering her boisterous kids, whose loud noise will further irritate her once she walks in that door. Knowing that this would be the likely scenario and wanting to avoid hurting her kids’ feelings by shushing them, she took several deep breaths to calm herself before turning the doorknob. The act thereby prevented friction that is likely to happen between her and her kids if she hadn’t practiced mindfulness. 

Going through and feeling all the feelings is another practice towards loving the inner self. To love the inner self means acknowledging all the emotions going through the person. Not denying one’s self to feel love, joy, excitement, sadness, fear, guilt, etc., is a healthy way to love one’s inner self. Man is complex by nature and is made up of all kinds of emotions. These emotions are natural reactions towards man’s environment and should be felt and go through as necessary. This also promotes the person’s healthy psychosocial aspect. 

Learning to love one’s inner self does not happen by chance. It is a choice. A choice to be human, as what a person is meant to be. And a choice to achieve a life that’s serene, tranquil, and wonderful.

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