The Earth is our common home. It provides us with the things we need to thrive and survive, such as air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, and an amazing range of resources for clothing, healing, shelter, livelihood, learning, and protection. Not all of us realize that Mother Earth has immensely contributed to our greater well-being, having provided us with so many wonderful things – and beautiful sights.

In life, we may not know it, but Mother Nature provides us with a gentle introduction to our sense of beauty, something we don’t often think about. For many people, nature seems less stimulating than technology, video games, or the internet. The truth is that nature is a phenomenon that awakens the sense of beauty in the heart of creation, something we humans are exploring throughout our entire life.

Have you ever felt awe and wonder from nature at some point in your life? Have you ever been fascinated by the beauty of nature? What do you make of the countless stars in the sky? The blooming meadow with wildflowers of different colors? The fluffy clouds sliding over the bright blue sky? The early morning fog over the lake? A completely quiet forest? The sound of waves crashing against the shore? The wind blowing in your face? The sound of birds singing early in the morning? The coral reefs teeming with life? The hundreds of thousands of creatures waiting to be discovered? Your neighbor’s flower garden or your uncle’s farm?

Nature, to tell the truth, can never be fully described or expressed in words, and only a little of it could be expressed through imagination or in poetic language.

To better understand nature and truly appreciate its beauty, one should spend time in nature. However, every person views and observes things differently, as a popular saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

Nature can be awe-inspiring for someone and at the same time, fearsome for someone. It can be beautiful at one time and it can be terrifying on the other. Unlike our languages, culture, traditions, and technologies, Mother Nature does not have any boundaries and limitations.

What can you say about this place, the planet we call home? While we may get preoccupied with our day-to-day lives, driving down the same road to work and are consumed with the cares and life, we unknowingly forget to stop, breathe and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful bounty that Mother Earth has given us. Can we spend a few moments of gratitude for the beauty around us?

Let us count ourselves blessed to have seen and experienced the beauty of Mother Earth. Let us do our part by taking care of this beauty. Here are a few things we can do to protect and preserve the beauty of Mother Earth:

  • Use fewer paper and plastic products. Buy eco-sustainable products.
  • Conserve water. Use as less water as you can. Use as much water as you need, but do not waste it.
  • Reduce food waste. Cook as much food as you can consume. Compost food waste.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Drive less. Use public transportation, ride a bike, walk, or carpool.
  • Conserve electricity. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Buy energy-efficient appliances. Install solar power.
  • Plant trees.

Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay

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