Do you like to read?

When you are stressed, you read. When you feel bored, you read. When you are feeling down, you stay home, you read. When you feel restless, you read. So why do we read?

Reading is doing something you enjoy. Indulging yourself in a novel is an excellent way to relax. It takes out your tension. It is a way of relaxing to take your mind off studies, work, anxiety on the uncertainty of life, distress, restlessness, problems, etc. Physically, it eases the rigidity in your heart and muscles while unwinding. Reading is good for you. 

Learn to stay calm and understand the people or the situation clearly. It is like a stress ball that you squeeze into and release your enmity or range whenever you are angry at something or someone. 

You see situations in a different light. You see the whole standing point of the situation distinctly, thus letting you make the right decisions. You will be able to evaluate the pros and cons reasonably or objectively. You will have an open mind on dealing with problems and have solutions in no time. 

Reading improves your vocabulary and makes you more competent and more intelligent. You deepen your knowledge on different matters. Reading keeps you well informed on what’s going on around you. You boost your self-esteem and increase your self-confidence. 

Why Adults Read Books?

Adults read books to relieve stress because they break from reality. The book helps you forget your concerns and the difficulty you face. You lose your grasp of reality, and your attention is glued to the book. 

Reading books will transport you to another world and give you wild imagination. It is like watching a movie as you flip the pages. You will be attached to the story’s characters, so your emotions are focused on the book. It is like you enter into a fantasy world. 

That is why books comfort you. Reading creates visionary characters that you would like to feature on your mind while reading the book or maybe even be part of it.   

Reading improves your language skills and, at the same time, expands your perception in writing and communication. It makes you well informed and knowledgeable on information and other matters. It improves your writing and communication skills.  

Reading is therapeutic because it is entertaining. It broadens your horizon and makes you open to change. It motivates you, inspires you to step out of your comfort zone, and takes life easy. It also gives you a sensible judgment.  

What is the Difference Between Adult Books And Children’s Books?

Children’s books are written in an understandable way to the child’s mind. It is mainly written for a particular age group. Look into the children’s book by Walter Hoge where the topics on the books chosen are of interest to the children. 

Children’s books are materials written in a simple language. It has a storyline that sends direct information to the reader. It gives more emphasis on the picture rather than the text. The story focuses more on the art, and usually, children do not pay so much attention to the text.

Children’s books are written in different age groups. In general, the readers of the children’s books are twelve years old or younger.

On the other hand, adult books are drafted in a more sophisticated language. Its storyline is more complex. The plot, characters, the text used are for mature readers. 

Reading an adult book makes you think. It makes you learn. It stimulates your brain naturally, instinctively, and with minimum effort. The readers of the adult books are in their mid-twenties or older. 

The prose style of the adult books emphasizes the quality of the writing. It has a faster pace, engaging, and has more pages to paint the scene. Sometimes, authors take risks writing unusually and make an unusual twist in the end.   

To summarize, Children’s books learn how to grip, while adult books are about letting go. 

What are the Similarities Between Adult Books And Children’s Books?

Adults and children choose for themselves the books they want to read. Both books have similar themes teamwork, friendship, bravery, perseverance, and loyalty. There are common issues or stories like dealing with parents’ separation, a family moves from place to place, death of a loved one, or betrayal of trust and friendship. They live in a universe where external forces act on them and examine those issues. Both books deal with issues on identity and self-discovery.

Both readers are making their way to the world. Making sense of this challenging world that we live in will come of age to handle it independently. There may be little to no autonomy on the story’s plot, but both readers enjoy the freedom of imagination and expression. They learn about the truth and power. 

In conclusion, adult books and children’s books improve mental and physical health. Reading books are still considered personal entertainment. Books have been around for centuries after centuries, and they have not lost their importance. Books are the best.    

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