Fret not over the regrets, but cherish the lessons

Sometimes in life, you make decisions that they later regret, and these are decisions that you cannot reverse. These are irreversible decisions that you cannot undo the way you undo something on Photoshop or your computer. So, what could you do about that?  

What you need to realize and tell yourself is that what you knew while making those decisions is always lesser than what you know right now, especially if you are regretting it and feeling that those decisions could have been avoided. You are feeling that you could or should have done this instead of that, that you should not have done that, and should have done something else in that place. 

If you are feeling bad about something you may have done in the past, that was because you have realized something since then. If you had not realized anything after that decision, you would not have regretted that action in the present. You would just have continued to feel correct about that decision, believing that decision was good, right, and justified. 

But because you have realized something after making that decision, you feel differently about it. You feel regretful. You now know something more than what you knew at that time. Obviously, if you knew what you know now at that time, you would not have taken that decision. You would have thought about it or looked at it differently. 

You did not know any of those things you know now. You did not have these realizations at that time, so you do not really need to regret or blame yourself or feel bad about yourself or feel sorry. You were not grown up then and just acted impulsively. There were certain things you did not realize then. You realize them now so where you are right now is all that matters. All that is in your hands now is the effort you put in and ensuring you move forward, becoming more responsible and accountable for yourself and others. 

At any point in time, you can always restart your life. Your decision may have been irreversible but you can always rebuild or recreate anything as many times as you want. You should keep in mind that you do not live for life’s sake but also for others and your decision and action will affect others. You should always know that you do not live for life’s sake but to impact lives. 

Certain things had happened out of your control. You had made wrong decisions at certain times because something was wrong with you or you encountered issues that led you to take the wrong action. This time, you know a few more things. You have learned your lessons. You have matured. You are ready to move forward and start from scratch. 

If you knew what you know now then, you would have thought about things differently. You would probably not have made those decisions at all. There is no point in lamenting over what you did in the past because you now know more than what you knew then. You have learned your lessons. You have matured since then. 

Never regret your past decisions. Never let your past hold you down. Just grow from there and move forward in life. That is how you bounce back from setbacks and correct the wrongs you have done. Focus on the good that has come from your past decisions. Be happy where you are right now because you have become a different person and you are ready to move forward and live. 

Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

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